The College of Defence and Security Studies (CDSS) provides institutional training and education to the Sailors, Marines and Soldiers of MNDF. This is the training and education arm of MNDF.

The vision of CDSS is to advance the combat and operational readiness of Maldives National Defence Force through forward thinking military academic institutions that deliver a high level of education and training.

The Mission of CDSS is to develop, deliver and evaluate Professional Military educational training, to prepare officers, warrant officers and enlisted soldiers of Maldives National Defence Force to meet the defence needs and security challenges of the Maldives. CDSS is a registered higher education provider in the Maldives.

The College of Defence and Security Studies consist of 6 different schools. Namely:

  • MNDF Non-Commissioned Officers Academy (NCOA)
  • Special Warfare Training School
  • Coast Guard Training School
  • Marine Corps Training School
  • Fire and Rescue Training School
  • The Basic School

The Coast Guard Basic Diving Course is also offered to soldiers and sailors from allied countries.

Trainings Abroad

In addition to the training and education in the Maldives, our forces have a wide variety of exposure to foreign trainings and education as well as joint trainings with friendly foreign forces. Some of these include:
  • Military Academies in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom and United States
  • Staff Colleges in Bangladesh, China, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and United States
  • National Defence University from India and United States
  • High level seminars with International NGOs such as UNODC, IORA, NESA and APCSS.
  • Bilateral Trainings with US Special Forces, US Navy Seals, UK Royal Marines, Indian Marine Commandos
  • Trilateral Trainings with India and Sri Lanka