Dhivehi Sifainge Club

Make Your Mark Through Us

Dhivehi Sifainge Club (DSC) is one of the preeminent sports clubs in the country. We organize and execute more sporting activities than your competitors and these events are unparalleled in quality. The diversity of the sporting activities that we participate in is also unmatched. These qualities of DSC make us one of the best avenues for you to advertise your brands/products. Our reach is widespread and diverse, and selecting us as your showcase can boost the reach of your brands/products to individuals from all walks of life in every corner of the country. The fact that our winning spirit is second to none and we maintain an excellent record in all the sports guarantees that we can be excellent ambassadors for your brands/ products.

A Brief History of DSC

Sporting activities for the soldiers were administered by the Headquarters of the then National Security Service, which was eventually reorganized into the Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF). As these sporting events became increasingly popular and more competitive, a special branch was created at the Headquarters, known as the “Sports and Recreation Club” (SRC). As time went by, MNDF teams also started to participate in competitions organized at government and national levels. These milestones paved way to SRC to become a separate unit of the organization, and it was renamed as DSC. At present Colonel Abdul Rauf is the President, Major Ahmed Zubair is the Vice President and Captain Mohamed Jinan the General Secretary.

Sporting Activities

Soldiers enjoy all the sports that are entertained in the country, and we do lead the way in the introduction of new sports in the country. Once such example is handball, which we introduced in the 2000s. Today it is a popular sport among the youth. We also introduced water polo to the country in the same time frame. Popular games among the soldiers include Football, Volleyball, Futsal, Billiard, Handball, Basketball, Cricket, Swimming, Athletics, Beach Volley, and Carom. We try to host tournaments on these sports every year or at least once in every two years. However, these timeframes are dependent on the commitment of the forces.

Objective of DSC

  • To create awareness and build a sporting environment in MNDF.
  • To identify and provide opportunities for talent to be represented at club and national level.
  • To develop and inspire talented players, coaches, referees/umpires and officials in different sports.
  • To motivate and keep the morale of MNDF personnel at its highest through sports.
  • To build team spirit in MNDF personnel.
  • To create a healthy relationship between MNDF and other organizations.
  • To create a friendly and healthy environment among MNDF personnel and their families.
  • To reach out to the society through sports and other entertainment activities.
  • To organize and participate in community building activities.
  • To assist national teams to develop talents in various sports.
  • Financing

    Our only source of income is the generous contributions made by the well-wishers and the business community of the Maldives. It is these dues that facilitate us to organize and host all the in-house competitions, and that pave the way for us to compete in the national tournaments. We are deeply humbled by the love and dedication of our well-wishers and the business community.


    1. Football

    Football is in our blood and it is the most popular and rousing sporting event among the soldiers. The Units take the sport very seriously and they direct all their efforts to make sure they produce a good team. Those Units that cannot produce a competitive team by themselves often join hands with other Units to produce a combative team. Latest Achievement
    The year 2017: FAM Second Division Football Tournament, Third Place

    2. Volleyball

    It would not be a misstatement to claim that we are the best in the game. And we are the driving force that is keeping the game alive in the country. We are a small community and to participate in many competitive sports is a challenge. However, we are committed to keep the game going and to develop such that we are able to represent the nation in the international arena. Latest Achievement
    The year 2018: Association Cup, Champion Team

    3. Futsal

    Futsal is played by a large population of the soldiers. The lack of space to play football led to the game being played in small pitches and confining the game to smaller pitches paved way for the switch to Futsal. The two MNDF garrisons in Male’ boasts the two of most heavily used Futsal pitches in the country. Futsal tournaments are held round the year under different banners. Each of these events naturally becomes the most euphoric of all sporting events with in MNDF Latest Achievement
    The year 2018: Youth City Women’s Futsal Tournament, Champion Team

    4. Billiard

    A modestly designed billiard hall is a frequent stop for billiard loving soldiers. The hall, which is open throughout the day to soldiers for entertainment, has an integrated coffee shop to allow the soldiers to sip a beverage of their choice as they play. Tournaments are held monthly, and the player rankings are displayed on the hall’s wall of fame. It is a target of the DSC to hold annual Unit level tournaments. Currently we are the Inter Office/Company Champions. Latest Achievement
    The year 2018: 6th National Office/Company Billiard Tournament, Champion Team

    5. Handball

    We take pride in introducing it to the Maldives, and today the sport is nationally administered through a national body, the Handball Association of the Maldives. We are a proud participant of their tournaments and we are ranked among the best in the sport. Latest Achievement
    The year 2018: Handball Championship, Champion Team

    6. Basketball

    During the last few years Basketball has been below par. Mostly due to the less number of young recruits to the sport. But efforts are underway to revamp the interest to the sport and we have once again started to compete in the national tournaments. Latest Achievement
    The Year 2014: 17th Inter Office/Company Basketball Tournament, Champion Team

    7. Cricket

    Cricket is not a very popular sport in the country, and this lack of interest is reflected within MNDF. However, we do participate in the Ramadan Cricket Festival every year. Latest Achievement
    The year 2017: Ramadan Cricket Carnival Office Tape Ball, Champion Team

    8. Swimming

    Swimming is a popular sport in the MNDF, and soldiers, as part of their physical upkeep take pleasure in periodic changes to their routine physical training by taking some sessions to the water. National level tournaments are rare in the country, but we proudly host some of the best organized inhouse tournaments for the soldiers. Latest Achievement
    The year 2013: 38th National Swimming Competition, Champion Team (men/women)
    We also carry out swimming programs for school children and adults. The programs for school children are focused on teaching them how to swim, and the adult programs (the program is called “Moodhu Kasrathun Ufaa”) are focused on building a healthy lifestyle. We have been commended for both these two programs

    9. Athletics

    We are the undefeated national champions for the last thirteen years. Most of our athletes are amateurs, but we do have produced many national record holders. We contribute the finest athletes to the national squad, and they represent the nations with qualities second to none. Latest Achievement The year 2013 – 2018: National Athletic Championship, Champion Team

    10. Beach Volley

    Beach Volley is not a sport that is trending in the Maldives, but some volleyball lovers of MNDF go the extra mile to represent MNDF in national tournaments. Latest Achievement The year 2015: 7th National Beach Volley, Champion Tea

    11. Carom

    While this is not a very popular game within MNDF, our players stand high in the national ranking. Latest Achievement The year 2013: Inter Office Carom Championship, Champion Team

    12. Badminton

    The facilities are minimal, but a few that are interested in Badminton are keeping the sport alive. In Male we have a multipurpose indoor arena where players could enjoy a game. Though this is not a very suitable facility, the soldiers do use it. We are a favorite among the government institutions. Latest Achievement The year 2017: 3rd Inter Office/Company Badminton Tournament, Champion Team

    13. Netball

    Netball is an all-female sport that has not been given ample attention. We do not host in-house competitions but do take part in the national championships. Latest Achievement The year 2016: Inter Office/Company Netball Tournament (2nd Division), Champion Team

    14. Water Polo

    Water Polo as a sport is another game that is not very popular nationally. However, MNDF Units still enjoy the sport as a strenuous physical training game. As time permits, we host tournaments at organization level. Latest Achievement The year 2015: Minvan50 Sports Festival, Champion Team

    15. Body Building

    Body Building is a popular activity among the soldiers, but a very few does it competitively. The few enthusiasts have brought acclaim for both the organization and to the country. We have medalists of both local and international competitions. The in-house body Building completion is hosted under the banner of Mr. MNDF.

    16. Voice of MNDF

    The popularity of Maldivian Idol hit our garrisons too. The show became so popular that we too had to replicate the completion. We host the show under the banner of Voice of MNDF and the show attracts a large number of soldiers.

    17. Quran and Oratory Competitions

    Every year during the month of Ramadan we host the MNDF Quran Competition and it is open to both soldiers and to their families. We also invite the children under the care of the government to take part. It is the competition with the largest number of participants that we host. MNDF also participate in national level completions and we stand high in the ranking. Latest Achievement in a Quran Competition The year 2018: Inter Office/Company Quran Competition, Champion Team

    18. Oratory Competitions

    Oratory Competitions are not very common or popular within MNDF. However, a few who are interested in the competition do train and we facilitate their entry into national championships. Latest Achievement in an Oratory Competition The year 2016: Inter Office/Company Oratory Competition, Champion Team