Dangerous two incidents

Updated: 18-10-2021, 10:30

Two dangerous incidents have occurred in Malé City today.

First incident is of a man who was out to catch octopus, being snatched into the sea current. The man who drifted into the sea near Usfasgandu was found swimming near Vaadhoo Sea to a group traveling nearby. This Maldivian national has now been received by Maldives Police Service Headquarters.

Second incident is of a man who fell off the outer ridge near the Market. Amongst the two men who were fishing there, the one who fell into the sea has been taken out of water and given CPR by MNDF personnel. This Maldivian national has been now transferred to the hospital with help of Maldives Police Service.

Caution is advised to seafarers and to those engaged in sea activities as seas are rough and heavy rain showers are predicted. Do your part in securing the well-being of yourself as well as the others.