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Brigadier General Ismail Shareef is currently appointed as the MNDF Commander of Northern Area.
Brigadier General Shareef joined the ranks and file of Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) in 1988 after completion of secondary education and was commissioned upon graduation from the Indian Naval Academy.
During his ongoing tenure of service, the Colonel has undertaken various command and staff appointments, primarily in the field of Coast Guard. Prior to being appointed as the Commander of Northern Area, he was the Adjutant to the Maldives National Cadet Corps. In addition to this, he was the Executive Coordinator to the National Disaster Management Centre (NDMC), Commander of MNDF Central Area, Principal Director to the MNDF Coast Guard and Coast Guard Squadron Commander of the MNDF Male’ Area. He has also served as the Squadron Commander of MNDF Southern Area and has captained various Coast Guard Ships.
The Colonel’s military training include; Mubarak Abdulla Joint Command and Staff College in Kuwait, US Coast Guard Boarding Officer Course, SAR Course and International Maritime Officers Course, Long Navigation from India, Junior Staff Course from Bangladesh, Marine Pollution Response - Marine Fire Fighting Training from Japan. Among the notable exercises and workshops Colonel attended include; South Asia Search and Rescue Exercise 2003 held in India, Maritime Terrorism Regional Seminar at Port Louis and UNITAR Training Workshop ‘Towards a comprehensive security for seas and oceans: the Hiroshima Initiative” in Japan, 20th International Sea Power Symposium held in USA on 2011, Regional Response to Maritime Violence Seminar held in Mauritius on 2012, APCSS - Advance Security Cooperation Program held in USA on 2012 and Regional Seminar on the Implementation of a Global SAR Plan held in Sri Lanka on 2013.
The Colonel has been awarded with many decorations which include Presidential Medal, Dedicated Service Medal, Centenary Medal, Good Conduct Medal and Ribbon for Bravery.
Brigadier General Ismail Shareef is married and blessed with three children.