Command Sergeant Major Azaad Rushdhee

CSM Azaad is currently appointed as the Command Sergeant Major of MNDF Fire and Rescue Service.

Command Sergeant Major Azaad Rushdhee has been serving in Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) since 18th May 1993.

During his 25 years of Service, CSM Azaad has held various appointments including Crew Commander, Shift in-charge, Admin 2 IC, Administrative in-charge, Admin & Personnel Officer, Atoll Liaison Officer, Deputy Training Operation Officer, Station Officer, Command Control Center NCO In-charge, Training and Operation Officer of MNDF Fire and Rescue Service. And also he held appointments of acting Command Sergeant Major of MNDF Central Area, Senior Enlisted Leader of Fire & Rescue Service, Acting Command Sergeant Major of Fire and Rescue Service, and Command Sergeant Major of MNDF Northern Area.

CSM Azaad has Completed Basic Training, Warrant Officer Course, Sergeant Course, and Corporal Course Conducted by MNDF NCO Academy. Furthermore, he has also completed Instructor Training Course, Police Management Course, First Aid Course, Basic Fireman Course, Basic Fireman ship Course, Fire Fighting Techniques Course, Sub Officer Fire Basic Course, Fire Safety Petrochemical Industries Course, Fire Hazard in power plant Course, and Incident Command System for Disasters Management Foundational Course. In addition to this, he completed the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) training cycle which includes Basic and Advance Training Course on Emergency Response to Chemical Incidents and its Field Exercise which were held in different countries in 2017. Moreover, he participated Instructional Techniques Workshop-2002, Senior NCO Leadership and Management Workshop-2004, Development Workshop in Team Building-04, Computer Funder mantel with Basic networking Program-1, Leader ship Symposium serial 01-10, Workshop on Disaster Response Management 2010,Education Management Workshop 01-10, Emergency Management Workshop 10-01,Seminar on Geography and its Implications on military operations 2010, and NCO Leader ship Symposium 2011-1.

During the term of his service, CSM Azaad has earned the Good Conduct Ribbon For 3 Times, Good Conduct Medal, SAARC Summit Medal, Dedicated Service Medal, President Ribbon, Long Service Ribbon, Dedicated Service Ribbon, Defence Force Service Ribbon, Special Service Ribbon for 2 Times, and Ribbon for Skill.

Command Sergeant Major Azaad is married and blessed with three children.